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Jenn writes romance of all kinds. Paranormal? You got it. Contemporary? Yep! Sci-fi romance? That too!







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Jenn Burke

Jenn’s always been drawn to weird and wonderful stories, particularly those juxtaposed with our normal, boring world. Her love of the written word prompted her to get a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Ottawa, and she’s spent the years since working in corporate and web communications—and dreaming up weird and wonderful stories of her own. A self-confessed geek, Jenn loves spending time in the worlds of video games, surfing her favorite websites, reading all the romance novels she can get her hands on, and accumulating an impressive collection of nerdy t-shirts. She currently lives outside of Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband, two kids, and her writing helper, Alenko the husky.


Jenn writes paranormal, science fiction and contemporary romance. Her debut paranormal romance, Marked, will be released by Entangled Publishing. Stay tuned for more details!


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